Supporting Senior Citizens

100% Veteran Owned and Operated

Technical Experience

All of our technicians have a solid background  working on both business as well as personal home computer systems. Our Senior Technician, Frank, an Air Force Veteran and past president and Vice President if the Los Angeles chapter of ISSA has been in the business for over 40 years. 

Cyber Security Solutions

Hackers are now concentrating on malware, spyware, adware and many other ways of gaining access to your personal data. The vast majority of these are never found by any of the leading anti-virus programs. Specialized tools and years of experience are needed to secure your computer against the newest threats, and they are constantly changing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer both hourly rates, which are capped at 3 hours max. We also offer annual maintenance plans that include quarterly scans of your system as well as practically unlimited phone technical support. Need help installing a printer, backing up your data or simply have a question about a phone call from "Microsoft" please call us. 


Have you been called by a scammer?

Unfortunately many people, especially our senior citizens, have let someone claiming to be from "Microsoft" or "Dell" or even "Netflix" on their computer, claiming that your personal data has been exposed and that if you don't call them immediately your computer will quit functioning in the next 24 hours!

These calls are a scam, with most of the callers having a foreign accent. They work in call centers, usually located in India, and they offer to fix your computer, using a lot of misleading information in order to scare you into paying them for 1 year, 2 year, even 5 year support. Most of them will be working at a new company, located in the same office, three months later and have never heard of you before, but for another fee they can fix what the last company did.

Personal Data Security

Identity theft is the number one threat facing the American family. Hackers are using sophisticated tools to access your personal data and selling it on the dark web. Bank account numbers, credit card numbers, your SSN are prime targets.

Malware is the number one way hackers use to gather this information to sell on the dark web. Most, if not all, anti-virus programs do not scan for, nor do they remove malware. Our technicians actually recommend removing commercially purchased anti-virus programs and install the free version that is included in Microsoft Windows.

What we do

Our technicians have years, even decades of experience working on both Windows and Mac systems. Our scans remove malware, spyware, rootkits, viruses, as well as to ensure you have the latest updates from both Microsoft as well as your computer system drivers. 

We ensure that your computer is updated to the latest security protocols,  countering the effect of recent cyber security breaches. 

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