Rahul Shivhare's Resume?

Complete Tech Support - 10 years in business - Nope!!

If you call Rahul, he will tell you he has been in business for 10 years, that he has offices in Texas with ETech and an office in California. His website says he has offices in 7 states. He will talk a lot about being an all US based company.

 I found out something a little different. Click here to see Rahul Shivhare's company's registration in India.  Bay Leaf is only registered in India and Grandemark has both a US charter and an India charter, both in Rahul Shivhare's name 

There is nothing wrong with having a foreign company, but to lie to people about being only US based??

I Googled "Rahul Shivhare Encino" and came across a LinkedIn page for him.  Screenshots are available below.

1. JP Morgan Chase - India - Credit Card Operations 2006 -2007

2. Aventity House - Thane India - Loan Officer - 2007 - 2009

3 DeAtlantic - GM Business Development - Mumbai India - 2010 - 2012

4. Global - Scout/Casting Manager/Model Co-coordinator - 2008 - 2012

5. Grandemark - Managing Director - Los Angeles 2013 - Present.

According to his resume, it seems like Rahul returned to the US in December of 2013. That is less than six years ago. Nothing in his resume lists any direct work in the technical computer field.  

Etech - Nacogdoches, TX

Etech believes in making a remarkable difference for you and your customers. Etech’s industry-leading technology services, like Etech Insights division, provide you with analytics and insights into your customer interactions. Etech’s services enable you to enhance customer experience, increase sales results, meet all corporate governance requirements, and obtain a competitive edge over your competition allowing you to increase market share.

I see nothing here that indicates they do desktop security for home computers. It is an outsourcing company for global brands.  Their website is www.etechgs.com 

Rahul did attend Stephen F Austin University in Nacogdoches Texas, the same city as Etech Inc. However that would be sometime in 2012., not 2007.

Bay Leaf and Grandemark Conultancy

Sonali Shivhare , Rahul's sister, opened Grandemark in Jan 2013. A State filing in Sept of 2014 shows Sonali as the CEO and CFO - Rahul is listed only as the Secretary.  Even his own sister didn't trust him to run the business. 

In January of 2016 a new filing was done for Grandemark, this time listing Rahul as the CEO, CFO, and Secretary.  I met him in June of 2016, he was running a new office in Encino with a crew of 5 people. He talked a lot about opening his 2nd office in Colorado. He never mentioned any other office.  Currently the State of California shows the company as being suspended.

 I also searched for both Bayleaf and Complete Tech Support  here in California.  No results were found.  I did find a web page listing for Bayleaf. It is tied to Rahul's home address and has 2 reviews. One for Tarun Shivhare, Rahul's brother, and one for Peter Bell who says it is the best Tech Support ever.  Some of you may remember Peter Bell as an employee in Ft. Collins. 

If you review Rahul's current website, he claims 10 years in business and is 100% US based.  Then why did he and his sister set up Grandemark and Bayleaf Technologies in both the US and India at the same time in 2013,  He also claims to have offices in seven states. In the year and a half I worked with him, he only had contact with the Colorado and California office,  That is, until he had to close all offices and move to Colorado Springs due to severe financial mismanagement. 

The Colorado Debacle

Fort Collins - Open

In October of 2016 Rahul convinced me to move with him to Ft. Collins Colorado. I had warnings from some of his staff, but the thought of runinng a new company was exhilarating. We found a nice two bedroom apartment and went to work hiring staff and filling out the office.  

By mid-November we were up and running!!!

Family Issues

Rahul's wife and daughter came to visit us for Thanksgiving. Within an hour of her arrival she had found signs of "another woman", the biggest clue was a bobby pin she found in his bed.  The bobby pin belonged to Kirstie Sturos, one of the first sales reps Rahul hired. The reason I mention her by name is she is now the mother of Rahul's son and the owner / manager of CompleTEch Support. Not bad for a 24 year old with no business education.  Rahul is still married to his wife here in California.

Ft. Collins - Closed

In August of 2017 Rahul suddenly announced that he had run out of money, and was in fact over $382,000 in debt. Lets just say this was a shock to the 20+ employees we had. 

No one had a clue that they showed up one payday  morning that they were all being let go and had to wait a week for their final paycheck.

While a lot of this debt came from Rahul's inexperience in running his own business, a sizable chunk was spent on "business trips" for him and Kirstie. 

Rahul unanimously decided we were moving to Colorado Springs. Rahul, Kirstie and I lived together in a 2 bedroom apartment, around $1300 a month in Ft Collins. He found a 6 bedroom house, over 3000 square feet for $2700 a month in Colorado Springs.  By the time I was informed of this, he had already signed a year lease. 

Colorado Springs - The Breakup.

The Relocation Disaster

It took us about a week to pack-up and move, not only the apartment but the entire office as well.  It took another week to get everything in-place and operational. We filled a 75 foot moving van three times and then drove over three hours, before having to unpack.   

The next six months were extremely stressful.  He and Kirstie had constant fights as her pregnancy progressed. She wanted to go on more "business trips" and stay in fancy hotels as they use to do. 

Whenever I spoke to Rahul about the partnership he would always put it off. The more I asked, the angrier he would get. 

The Partnership Agreement

Before the move I was making $1000 every two weeks. Rahul's asked me to put my salary on-hold until we opened a new office in Colorado Springs. I agreed with the condition that it would be paid back when we opened a new office and I was made a partner at 50%. I gave him six months to open a new office or I was leaving with all back salary due . 

Rahul readily agreed and I started the email and phone campaigns that kept us connected to the Annual Clients, and kept money coming in. Over the next six months I was paid a little over $3000, over $11,000 is still owed to me.  

On Feb 7th Rahul presented me with a "partnership" agreement, really an enslavement contract. I was required to transfer my personal cellphone number to him, I would be paid room and board, and after Rahul's debt of $382,566 was paid back, I would be made a partner at 20% . 

No proof of this debt was provided to me, sometimes he borrowed the money from his mother, sometimes he borrowed it with his wife cosigning. I could never get a straight answer from him. Nor would he give me any time frame or repayment  schedule. 

If Rahul paid $5000 a month towards the debt it would take him over six years to pay this off.  And if he closed the company, I got nothing. A copy of the agreement is attached below, 

The Breakup

On February 8th I packed up what I could and left for Los Angeles.  

Rahul and I had a big disagreement the night before and he informed me that either I accept the agreement or I would be kicked out of the house. I was also informed that all back pay was not going to be paid. 

Since then Rahul has harassed me. He posted a fake Ripoff Report  where he accuses me of numerous things including being a sexual predator and pedophile.  He says he talked to my ex-wife, the only problem is he never had her phone number.  

Rahul is now facing Felony Robbery charges, and this is  just the beginning. 

Criminal Police Report

On Monday August 13th at approximately 1510, Rahul Shivhare approached me as I was sitting outside,

Police Report filed 13 Aug 2018


On Monday August 13th at approximately 1510, Rahul Shivhare approached me as I was sitting outside, underneath the attached carport.  He came on foot from the North on Colbath. When I recognized him I got up and went to the door and locked it as I was concerned for Bernie's safety. Bernie is an 85 year old handicapped man. I called to Bernie to dial 911. I then moved down the driveway about 10 feet, as he had stopped at the trunk of Bernie's car. He said something like “Surprised to see me you mother fucker?” I told him he needs to leave the  property now and called to Bernie again to dial 911. He kept approaching me, ordering me to get in the house. I was scared as Rahul is an imposing figure, much younger and stronger than I am. I backed up about 5 feet and was nearing the front step of the house. Rahul kept approaching me, ordering me to get in the house, with his intent clear that he would be following us in. At that time, Bernie came to the front door to see what was happening. Rahul ordered him to open the door, and for me to get inside. Bernie ordered him to leave to which Rahul said “Shut the Fuck up old man”. Rahul again told Bernie to open the door, and for me to get in the house. He then approached me, shoved me towards the door, and as I lost my balance, he swung at me, hitting my hand, knocking my cell phone to the ground. He then picked it up and fled, running North on Colbath on foot. It was at that time we dialed 911 on Bernie's phone. We waited about 20 ~ 30 minutes for two officers to arrive and take our statements. The interview lasted about 30 minutes.  

Rahul's Fraudulent Emails

Who to Believe?

Rahul has sent out  numerous  emails stating "facts" such as I am on an FTC Watch list, that I committed theft, embezzlement, and a lot more. 

As he is a consummate liar, it is very easy to believe him as he becomes very passionate when he spins one of his stories. 

When it is a he said, he said issue it can get confusing. However Rahul has burned himself with the latest email, supposedly from James Rose, his  Operations Manager. He even gave you Jim's phone number to call. 

Please call Jim and ask if he is the Operations Manager and if he wrote that email. I guarantee you Jim will readily deny being the Operations Manager or having anything to with the email Rahul sent out on the 5th. 

Jim was hired about two weeks ago on a contract basis and one week later Rahul sends out an email pretending  to be Jim. To me it seems like he was being set up from the beginning. 

Jim is a great guy, was the GM when we were in Ft. Collins Co. and was let go in August of 2017 when Rahul ran the company into $382,000 in debt. 

A very clear lie in Rahul's email.

If you read the email you will find a section where "Jim", in reality Rahul, claims the following:

"The next email he stated that he became a business partner when the CO office was set up, the last email he claims that he was promised a business partnership by Rahul, who does not have the authority offer business partnerships to other co-workers. Rahul is not the business owner and he is the oldest employee of Complete Tech support since June 2007 when it used to be called Etech INC."

Check the Downloads below. You will find corporate documents showing that Rahul is the CEO, CFO and Secretary of Grandemark Consultancy, the primary bank account from which he paid me for about 18 months.  

How is he not the business owner?

First of all, Rahul was in India in 2007 as a credit card processor and a loan officer. In his email, Rahul claims to have started Etech Inc in 2007. He asks for proof from me as to corporate documents. and such. 

I ask that you provide the exact thing you asked people to check.  

Please provide the following: 

  1. Names and work numers of the "Management" who had problems with me and marijuana.
  2. Names, addresses and phone numbers for the offices you claim to have in seven states 
  3. Corporate documents for Etech Inc. in 2007 
  4. Corporate documents for Bayleaf Technologies
  5. Corporate Documents for Grandemark
  6. You claim to provide an award winning service. Please provide proof in the form of Certificates showing when and where and why you were deserving of these awards.

Kirstie Sturos's Legal Dilemma

Unfortunately for Kirstie, Rahul made her the CEO of Complete Tech Support in Colorado. What she may not realize is the legal ramifications, both criminal and civil,  in being a CEO. 

A CEO can be held liable for their employees actions, especially when it profits the company financially. 

Any attempt to  gain financially based on fraud, such as Rahul's claim to be in business for 10 years, have won awards, have offices in seven states is fraudulent. 

My suggestion to Kirstie is to contact your parents and ask them to help you seek legal representation.  A lot of what Rahul did on and after the 13th of August is criminal and as the CEO,  Kirstie, you could be in serious legal jeopardy.